Zhong is the bartender of the bar you visit with Bryce, as well as the clerk of the convenience store you visit on investigations.


Zhong is a very polite and calm dragon, he never shows any signs of anger or sadness.

He treats the protagonist with upmost respect and somewhat old but excellent manners, such as kissing his/her hand.

He is also very responsible for his customers and friends, but also for his child, he wants to make him as happy as possible to cover up for "his" mistakes back then.


Zhong was abandoned before he was even born, adopted while being a hatchling, his foster-parent got a new job in the town where he works now so his family had to relocate, which meant losing all his friends, and due to his somewhat shy personality, making new ones was quite the challenge.

However, he and Bryce became friends without little to no effort, and have been together since childhood.

When Bryce grew up and joined the police force, he helped Zhong locate his actual parents and accompanied him on the trip to do so.

The meeting didn't go very well since his parents, specially his father, didn't want to meet him and he got kicked out of the house.

Zhong also used to argue a lot with his spouse, which may or may not have been the cause of her sudden disappearance one night.


[First meeting] Zhong's Bar

[The date] Zhong's Bar

a) First meeting: Meet with Bryce, after his date, you'll be able to meet with Zhong.

b) The date:

- You look kinda cute in it, though.

- He's a bit rough around the edges, but he seems like a stand up guy.

- Listen to the piano.

- It's pretty good.

- Try to give it back.

- I agree.


  • Zhong is a single father.
  • Zhong has two part-time jobs, he got the second one in order to be able to afford a vacation with his son so they could spend some quality time together.
  • If the player tries to meet with him early on, the button will say [Meet with the store clerk], however if the player tries to do so after Bryce's third date, the button will say [Meet with Zhong] instead.
  • Zhong is currently looking forward meeting someone else and forming a family again, also it is possible he has a crush on the protagonist.


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