Hi, I created this wiki a few years ago because I saw there wasn't one for it and then stopped having any interest in the game.

It's kinda nice to see that people have added to this wiki since I forgot about it. I also see there's been some mad vandalism and a bunch of weird stuff that has been mostly cleaned up by external FANDOM-wide moderators, thank you to them and also the other contributors who tried to fix things the best they could.

I'm not coming back to work on this wiki because wiki software is hellish to use and I don't understand it but I don't mind coming back to ban troublemakers, fix pages or give admin permissions to anyone who would like them to work on this wiki properly (anonymous editing appears to have been disabled by external admins).

If you want modding permissions or something needs sorting out by me personally you can put a message on my wall. Also it appears we have a sibling wiki on gamepedia, although I can't say it seems to have much more info than this one? But it's another option to contribute your AwSW knowledge.

Happy new year!

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