Unseen characters are those who are mentioned or even interact with some Main/Side characters but are never actually seen on-screen.


Amelia was Remy's fiance who died on the way to the drug store when she froze to death in the middle of winter. She was carrying Remy's child, and her eggs were later taken by Anna for possible stem cell therapy to cure cancer, eventually leading to the existence of Amely.

She was good friends with Adine, who felt guilty after finding out she died since she was with her just a few moments before her death, if only Amelia had told Adine she needed some more medicine, she wouldn't have frozen.

Zhong's parents

Huang Fu: Zhong's Father

He refuses to talk about anything with Zhong, he claims they "Didn't give you away just so you could show up whenever you please".

After Zhong declines Xiuying's money request, he yells at him and kicks him out of the house.

Xiuying: Zhong's Mother

She invites Zhong to come in and have some tea, she doesn't talk much about the topic, she gives Zhong a hat they bought for him when he was young.

The reason behind Zhong's abandonment is not very clear, she claims it was because "they were young and stupid" after that, she asks Zhong for some money because they need some food and Huang Fu doesn't like to hunt.


Naomi is a dragon working for the police department, she attends to Bryce's BBQs except for the one taking place when the protagonist arrives, Bryce says they had prepared some algaes for her, suggesting she may be some kind of marine dragon or maybe she just like it.

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