Sebastian is a runner dragon police officer tasked with escorting you during your stay. He is a regularly recurring character in the main story as part of Reza's investigation and plays a somewhat big role.


Sebastian is calm and serious at the same time, trying to remain professional and polite, he calls the protagonist "Sir" during the course of the story unless he/she tells him to stop being so formal, he's also quite shy when meeting the player for the first time and in the police department due to being the "newest guy".

Sebastian also has a kinda playful and mischievous attitude sometimes such as when the protagonist finds him playing with Bryce's chair in his office, or when they go camping.

Also Sebastian doesn't seem to like interruptions, always acting like being in a rush or annoyed when other characters engage in a conversation with the protagonist while he's around.


Sebastian used to be a country-boy living in a Runner-powered farm far away from the city, he decided to become a police officer in order to find out what was beyond their vegetable fields and if it was like the stories he heard.

One time, Sebastian had to chase a shoplifter who happened to be a Flyer, it is unknown if he was successful.


[First meeting]



[Fireworks dispute]

First met: Greet your new pal with a kiss in his hand.

Outside café: [How nice of you]

Crime scene #1: Do well on the first investigation.

Camping: Obviosly [Meet with Sebastian]

[Don't call me "Sir"] Or [I appreciate it] if the player does not mind the formality.

[Actually, I just meant you don't have to be so formal with me] If the first option was chosen before.


[Sign me up]

[Sounds great]

[Nope, this is a first]

[You've been doing a great job so far. Don't worry about it]

[What can you tell me about the people?]

[What is it to work with Bryce?]

[What's it like having so many different species on the force?]

[What can you tell me about the land?]

[Do you have any special recommendations or secrets I should know about this town?]

[It's been fun so far]

[You've got my heart already]

[Yes. Let's get started]

[Win or perfect tie]


[It's pretty cold]

[I'll take it]

Crime scene #2: [I don't mind stairs]

Town: Do well on the second investigation

Bryce's office: [I don't think he's going anywhere]

[Thanks, Sebastian]

Portal shooting: [Stay inside and call the police]

Do well on the third investigation

Farm house: Don't let Bryce die! Go first

Bryce's office: [If it's that important to you, why don't you just watch it regardless?] Only available after you see Sebastian's death at least one time.

Successfully complete 2 tasks.


  • Sebastian plays a card game called Bastion Breach with the protagonist.
  • If the protagonist achieves a "Perfect tie" while playing Bastion Breach with Sebastian, he'll look flustered, to do this, play your cards in the next order: 2-3-10-Q-J-9-4-A-K-8-7-5-6.
  • Sebastian looks very different without his police cap.
  • Sebastian seems to like Bryce's chair a lot, of perhaps he likes the idea of being the leader, it is possible that becoming the chief of the police department is his dream.
  • Early in development, Sebastian was based on the stereotypical Canadian.



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