Lorem is a delivery flyer for the town's post office. When he delivers a letter to you on your first day he requests an interview with you to clear up some media misconceptions about humans.


Lorem is adventurous, determined, cheerful, and upbeat.

He also shows a shy side when asking out the protagonist in order to get to know more about humans so he can get valuable data for his videogame, but quickly switchs to his normal self after a while. Lorem loves adventure and shows no fear when doing things on his own, such as treasure hunting.

However, like everyone else, Lorem too can get stressed and feel other emotions, such as sadness, anger or anxiety, drawing and arts are some of his favorite hobbies to calm down and pass time.

Physical description

Lorem's is a Light-blue dragon with white horns, cream underbelly and gray-ish blue wings.

His size is quite small compared to other dragons, causing the protagonist to confuse him with a child when at the bar, Lorem clarified that's his race's average height.


Lorem was always bullied in the past due to his small size, which resulted in depression problems and little to no friends, those who were his "actual friends" ended up getting angry and abandoning him when they found out he was actually an Hermaphrodite, which his roommate Ipsum warns you not to do. This problem still haunts Lorem in the present until the protagonist talks about it with him.

Lorem's most common mistake at the post office was to accidentally damage the deliveries when trying to handle them, however he was able to overcome this by cutting his nails.


[First date] Zhong's bar

[Second date] Lorem's apartment

[Third date] Protagonist's house => School => Woods => Abandoned store

[Fourth date] Protagonist's house

[Fifth date] Fireworks meadow

a) First date: Don't be rude to him and show interest in what he has to say.

[Well, I'm here now]

[Sure, go ahead]

[A video game? Sounds interesting]

[You're right about that. I can't help but feel a little deceived by this]


[I'm sure of it]

[As long as it's based on the truth, you have my support]

[I'm with you on this]

[That sounds like my kind of game]

[I can rub two sticks together to make fire. Does that count?]


[I suppose that's why they're just myths]

[Seems like you know what you're doing]

[That sounds unpleasant]

[I can see why]

b) Second investigation: Go to Tatsu park and search the pavilion three times to get the orb (Unless you already have it).

c) Second date: Long date...

[It's my pleasure]

[He looks friendly]




[What's with the little horns?]

[As long as they aren't hurting anyone...]

[Can I still talk?]

[I did]


[Sounds interesting]

[Same as mine, then]

[Really? But staring at the wall was so much fun]

Choose "A normal pose" or "A thoughtful pose".

[He sounds fun]

d) Third investigation: Go to the police archives and rummage throught the trash to find the orb base (unless you already have it).

e) Third date: Go treasure hunting with Lorem (dating him and then not going results in him dying unless you already saw his good ending).

[Sounds like fun]

[I've got a pen]


[Examine the walls]

[I like going for walks in the woods, as long as it's safe]

[I wouldn't want to visit, either]

[Me too]


f) Sebastian's errands: Visit the witness, second choice doesn't matter.

[I'll take that as well]


[I don't mind]

g) Fifth date: [Take the sphere]


  • Lorem was sponsored by Goldkin.
  • Lorem likes salad on pizza.
  • Despite seeming to be the counterpart to his roommate Ipsum, Lorem too has an incredible knowledge about portals, DNA, wormholes etc. Probably surpassing his friend's, however he doesn't seem really interested in science and focus on others things, such as arts.
  • It is unknown what kind of function Lorem activates on the Ixomen sphere in the good ending, it is possible that it comes equipped with combat traits as well. Could be the sphere's magnetic feature.
  • Lorem is the only character to be represented by an item that he does not own (The Ixomen sphere) this could be because unlike his roommate Ipsum, he puts it to good use.
  • Lorem Ipsum


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