Katsuharu is one of the datable side characters the player can meet. He is the local ice cream man, an artisan of his craft with home-made recipes. You unlock his date when you help him free his stuck cart.




He tells how he started his craft. His wide variety is attributed the pursuit of his mentor's popular single recipe. His business is faltering due to a new public park that opened near a convenience shop. Player suggests trying to sell at the park, and barks in a few customers. Grey comes and gets a cup, then Leymas grabs some fro his crew. An irritated Ermera arrives, and learns of Katsuharu's situation. She approves of his new location, but is unsure that there would be a conflict, she will work it with her administration. She then buys the entire cart's contents for her administration office. You get his good ending and his character on the main menu.


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