There are only three human characters ever seen during the course of Angels with Scaly Wings, unsurprising since the game takes place in the world of dragons.

Player Character

The Player Character is considered to be the protagonist of Angels with Scaly Wings. Their actions can heavily impact the story/playthrough and determine several characters' fates.


Reza is the player’s companion to the dragon world, also the main antagonist of the story. He is described as bold by the player.


  • A green wyvern, killed by a cut on the throat.
  • An electrician, description unknown. Also slashed
  • Anna if you fail/bypass her second date OR Damion if you succeed, either slashed as well.
  • Worker at the hatchery, slashed and shot
  • Maverick in some endings.
  • Sebastian if you don’t tell him to see the fireworks, no matter what. He is slashed, too.
  • Bryce if you don’t investigate the house, or let him go first. A generator rigged to explode goes off, also destroying the kidnapped eggs.


Izumi is first introduced at the second investigation, wearing a light brown cloak and a brown mask that resembled tree bark with two holes for sight. She pushed the player away from a falling ceiling lamp and secretly slipped a note with ‘Tatsu’ written on to the player. Her identity was unknown then.

Izumi is encountered again when she knocks out the player and brings the player to her lair, where she explains the situation of the dragon world and a bit of her background to the player and called herself ‘The Administrator’.

In Bryce's route, she is the one that killed the victims, as Reza was not doing his part to sustain the story loop.

In the end, Izumi aids you in your confrontation with Reza. She is shot in a few endings with her mask slipped off.

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